Postgraduate Courses - Information for Current Students

EPSRC CDT in Mathematics of Random Systems

Penrose paving outside the Mathematical Institute


The main entrance to the Andrew Wiles Building, the home of the Mathematical Institute.
Details of the MSc in Mathematical Modelling and Scientific Computing for current students.
Mathematical Institute
Information for students on the MSc in Mathematics and Foundations of Computer Science.

Interior of the Andrew Wiles building showing staircases and office corridors
Undergraduates on certain programmes may apply to transfer to this masters level course in their fourth year .
View to the mezzanine (teaching area) through the south crystal
Information for current students on the MSc in Mathematical Sciences.
Picture of University of Oxford
The MSc in Mathematical and Computational Finance builds on a strong mathematical background and provides graduates with the skills necessary to apply their expertise in the financial industry.
The MSc in Mathematical Finance aims to develop the students’ modelling, mathematical and computational skills in applications to finance.
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