MSc in Mathematics and Foundations of Computer Science

Course Structure and Facilities

Lecture theatre 1
Information on the structure of the degree course and the facilities available in the Mathematical Institute and Department of Computer Science.


It is intended that a major feature of this course is that candidates should show a broad knowledge and understanding over a wide range of material. Consequently each lecture course taken will receive an assessment upon its completion by means of a test based on written work.

To pass the course, candidates must obtain passes on at least five mini projects that include two on courses from Section B and two at the Schedule II level (these need not be distinct) and for the dissertation. 

Departmental Policies and University Regulations

Other useful information for current students

Information for Prospective Students

The course focuses on the interface between pure mathematics and theoretical computer science. It is suitable for those who wish to pursue research in pure mathematics, mathematical logic, or theoretical computer science. It is also suitable for students wishing to enter industry with an understanding of mathematical and logical design and concurrency.