CCG Standing Orders

There shall be a Consultative Committee with Graduates members reading for higher degrees, and the Directors' of Graduate Studies. There should be at least three junior representative from the DPhil in Mathematics and one junior representative from each taught MSc course and CDT offered by the department.

Committee members shall be elected from amongst graduate students admitted by the Mathematical Institute. Nominations and self-nominations shall be invited by circulating these graduate students electronically in Week 0 of Michaelmas Term. If necessary elections shall be held electronically during the second week of Michaelmas Term, with three days being given for voting. The one student with the most votes from each MSc and CDT and the three research students (DPhil) with the most votes, and the five remaining students (either MSc or DPhil) with the most votes will be elected. The Committee shall have the power to co-opt junior members such that membership is complete. The committee may operate, if necessary, without its full complement of places having been filled.

The committee shall be concerned with matters such as the syllabus, teaching arrangements, library facilities, office facilities, and the general aspects of examinations. It shall annually review examiners reports for the taught MSc's.

The Director of Graduate Studies(R) shall be the chairman of the committee. The Graduate Studies Assistant or another member of Mathematical Institute staff shall act as secretary to the committee. The Consultative Committee with Graduates reports to the Graduate Studies Committee.

The Committee shall be able as of right to address a communication direct to the Graduate Studies Committee, Departmental Committee, the Research Committee, or the Teaching Committee, of the Mathematical Institute depending on the matters involved.

Unless the chairman shall order otherwise, the committee shall meet at 2pm on Tuesday in the fourth week of each Full Term.