We will be hosting a number of presentations from prestigious companies in industry, throughout the year. This should give you an insight into working in industry and what careers are available to you.


12 October 2022

In person seminar

Scientific roles at Citadel Securities from an Oxford mathematician. Presentation by Oliver Sheridan-Methven, Quantitative developer, Advanced scientific computing team, Citadel Securities

Oliver Sheridan-Methven

Dr Oliver Sheridan-Methven was a mathematician at Oxford, and is now a member of the advanced scientific computing team at Citadel Securities. Oliver started his studies as a physicist on the Physics department’s MPhys programme, and later completed the Mathematical Institute’s mathematical and computational finance (MScMCF) masters, and lastly his DPhil on the CDT for industrially focused mathematical modelling (InFoMM). His academic background covered Monte Carlo methods, high performance computing, and mathematical modelling applied to finance. Since leaving the MI, Oliver has joined Citadel Securities as a quantitative developer in their advanced scientific computing team, and is living in Zurich, Switzerland.

Citadel Securities

Citadel securities is a leading global market maker working across a wide range of financial products, specialising in ultra high frequency trading. We have global offices covering Chicago, London, Zurich, and several others all the way to Syndey. The firm is heavily comprised of mathematicians, physicists, computer scientists, electrical engineers, and people from all sorts of scientific backgrounds. We rely on extremely advanced and complex mathematics, software, and hardware, to ensure we can scale to the world’s financial activity and operate at extremely fast transactional frequencies.



19 October 2022

In person seminar

Meet NatWest Markets Quant Team

Short info about NWM:

Our focus is on what matters most to our customers, and what we do best; providing financing, risk management and trading solutions in Europe, Asia and the US. We aim to be the partner of choice for our NatWest Group customers and their financial markets needs. At NatWest Markets we’re creating something different, and we’re looking for people with the passion and creativity to join us.

Quincy van den Berg, Associate – 2021 Grad, Oxford alumnus:

Last year I joined NatWest Markets as a Foreign Exchange Algo quant. In my day to day job I design and maintain the trading algorithms that are used by our external clients as well as our own traders. Before I joined, I completed my PhD in Physics at the University of Oxford, Keble College. In my computational and experimental research, I simulated and created dense plasmas with material properties similar to what exists within the sun. Prior to that, I did my MSc in Physics at Delft University of Technology, Netherlands. Over the years I got more interested in coding and during my PhD years I found myself  writing C++ code nearly every day. At that point I discovered how interesting quant jobs can be. Particularly the programming skills carried over very well, as I mainly use Java and Python nowadays. Besides having exceptionally skilled colleagues, I also greatly enjoy the friendly and helpful atmosphere in our team. Please join us at the NatWest Markets Oxford Quant event to learn more about what it’s like to work here.

Juhwan (Zeki) Son, Analyst – 2022 Grad, Oxford alumnus:

I am a front-office desk quant analyst at NatWest Markets, who joined in April 2022 as an intern and I later converted onto the graduate program as a quant, working primarily on Credit and XVA. Prior to this, I was a student at the University of Oxford, reading for a MSc in Mathematical and Computational Finance, and I completed my dissertation in conjunction with the bank throughout the aforementioned internship. The course has prepared me well for the industry, exposing me to many of the tools and skills which are actively used in practice like Python, C++ and general financial instruments knowledge. I had previously been an undergraduate at KCL from where I graduated with a BSc in Mathematics and Statistics. My favourite aspect of a quantitative career in finance so far, is that you’re constantly challenged intellectually through working on genuinely interesting problems, and are doing so in a dynamic environment which is the trading floor.

Yiran Wei, Quant Analyst – 2021 Grad intake, Oxford alumnus:

I joined Natwest Market as a quant analyst through the grad scheme last year. I am part of FX option quant desk within the bank. The main responsibility of a quant analyst is to provide quantitative support to the trading business. Sometimes I will be on direct support – answering and solving problems raised by the traders and technology. Whist I am not on direct support, I will be working on long-term projects. I have worked in a few different areas since I joined, such as creating dataset form an alternative information source, pricing automation, and predicting market factors with ML models. There are plenty of learning opportunities and I enjoyed each of them very much. Before I joined, I did my MSc in applied maths (MMSC) at Oxford and BSc in Physics at Imperial College. I also worked in a start-up for 1.5 years in Oxford after graduation – where I worked as an AI scientist developing NLP models for applications in healthcare. So if you are skilled in maths and coding, and love to solve problems, please join us at the Natwest Markets Event to hear more about the programmes we run and ask us any questions.

Jonathan Horrocks, Director - Head Of Currency Options Quantitative Analytics:

After graduating in Mathematics from Manchester University, I worked for Logica, developing war games for the Ministry of Defense. I then moved into finance and worked for a number of different institutions on the buy and sell side. During that time I have been responsible for building valuation and risk management models and tools, and quantitative trading strategies.

I have twice worked at Nat West Markets. In his first stint I worked on pricing models for exotic and structured FX products, designing and building the company’s first pricing and risk management system for multi currency products. I then returned in 2005 and are now head of the FX Options Quant Analytics team whose main focus is automating the pricing, trading and risk management of FX options.   

In my spare time I play and watch sport. A proud Geordie I still hope that Newcastle United will win something in his lifetime.

Oscar Arias, Director - Head of Structured Rates Quantitative Analytics:

Having graduated from Harvard University and the London School of Economics, I started professional career at ABN AMRO in 2005 as an interest rate quant.  I joined the Royal Bank of Scotland in 2008 and has been running the Structured Rates Quant team since 2015. I’m recognized expert on the impact of Libor reform on the interest rate options markets.

Early Careers | NatWest Group Careers

Links to Quant Internship and Graduate job offering:

NatWest Markets - Quantitative Internship Programme in London | NatWest Group Careers

NatWest Markets - Quantitative Analyst Graduate Programme in London | NatWest Group Careers


26 October 2022

In person seminar

Qube Research & Technologies (QRT)- Company presentation, and short talks on In Sample Biases and quant pricing: Theory to Practice


Dr Xavier Brokmann - Portfolio Manager & Senior Quantitative Research Director 
Dr Andrea Granelli - Pricing Quant
Dr Joseph Hogg - Quantitative Researcher - High-Frequency Trading
Mr Kaitai Chan - Pricing Quant
Marie-Astrid Renard – HR

Qube Research & Technologies
Qube Research & Technologies (QRT) is a global quantitative and systematic investment manager, operating in all liquid asset classes across the world. We are a technology and data driven group implementing a scientific approach to investing. Combining data, research, technology and trading expertise has shaped QRT’s collaborative mindset which enables us to solve the most complex challenges. QRT’s culture of innovation continuously drives our ambition to deliver high quality returns for our investors.


2 November 2022

Derivative Pricing and Algorithmic Trading  Nomura.

  • Presenters:
    • Dr Paul McCloud, Head of Fixed Income Quantitative Research
    • Dr Giuseppe di Graziano, Co-Head of eFX Strategy


Company information:

Nomura is a global financial services group with an integrated network spanning over 30 countries. The Wholesale Digital Office team covers Fixed Income Quantitative Research, eTrading Strategy and Systematic Trading, with expertise in derivatives pricing and hedging, machine learning, low latency algorithms and disruptive investment. Covering most major global financial centres and business lines, the WDO offers a cross-regional/cross-product perspective that is uniquely situated within the industry.


14 November 2022

Mazars Quantitative Solutions Internship Presentation 



16 November 2022

In-person seminar

Quantitative Risk Management at Lloyds Banking Group – Presentation by Antti Vauhkonen, Senior Manager, Counterparty Credit Risk Modelling at Lloyds Banking Group.

Abstract: In this presentation, I shall talk about quantitative management of financial risks at Lloyds Banking Group (LBG), at the same time giving a general introduction to credit, market and counterparty risk management (since LBG’s risk management practices are not fundamentally different from those of other major banks). Towards the end of my talk, I will also describe specific career opportunities that LBG has to offer in these areas. 

Antti Vauhkonen

Antti has more than twenty-five years’ experience as a developer and validator of derivative pricing and risk measurement models (PFE, XVA and VaR), and as a structurer of exotic IR, FX and hybrid derivative products as well as synthetic securitizations gained in a variety of senior quant and risk management roles at top tier investment and commercial banks. Before his current role as Senior Manager in the Counterparty Credit Risk Modelling team at Lloyds Banking Group, Antti was the Head of Risk Policy, Credit Risk Measurement and Regulatory Developments at Royal Bank of Scotland.

Antti holds Master’s degrees in Mathematics and Mathematical Finance from the universities of Cambridge and Oxford, and a PhD in Pure Mathematics from Imperial College London. As a visiting lecturer, he has been teaching PFE and XVA modelling to students on the full and part time MSc courses in Mathematical and Computational Finance at Oxford for the past six years, as well as acting as a thesis supervisor.


23 November 2022

Quantitative Research at JPMorgan Chase - Presentation by Matthias Arnsdorf, Global Head of XVA & Counterparty Credit Risk Modelling, JPMorgan

Matthias Arnsdorf

Matthias Arnsdorf is a Managing Director and the global head of the Counterparty Credit Risk Quantitative Research team at J.P. Morgan. His responsibilities include the development of credit exposure and funding models for valuation, risk management as well as credit risk capital. He has published and presented numerous articles on credit risk and credit derivatives.

Matthias started his career in finance in 2002 working in credit derivatives quantitative research. Prior to this he spent two years as a post-doctoral researcher at the Niels Bohr Institute in Copenhagen. Matthias holds a PhD in Quantum Gravity from Imperial College London.


28 November 2022

Data Science and Quantum Computing for Financial Services - Presentation by Standard Chartered Bank. 

SpeakersNina Saini – Data Scientist, Shaun Geaney – Quantum Computing Specialist, Elena Strbac – Global Head of Data Science Innovation, David Oram - Early Careers Team.

Standard Chartered Bank is an international bank headquartered in the UK with a footprint that connects emerging and high-growth markets with more established economies. With 85,000 employees and a presence in 59 markets, the Standard Chartered network serves customers in close to 150 markets worldwide.

The Bank is in a unique position to support the massive shift of capital towards sustainable finance, which has become a priority for investors, companies and individuals alike. Standard Chartered looks to develop significant sustainable finance revenues to grow the business, and to integrate environmental and social considerations into all decision-making.

The Bank is listed on the London and Hong Kong Stock Exchanges.


30 November 2022

Presentation by Deutsche Bank on their Quantitative Internship programme.

SpeakersBen Reed, Andrea Bianchi, Edward White, Romano Trabalzini





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