View to the mezzanine (teaching area) through the south crystal

Oxford Masters in Mathematical Sciences (OMMS) and Part C

One of the Mathematical Institute's lecture theatres
Links to important teaching information including course handbooks, course synopses, lecture notes and guidance for dissertations.
The main entrance to the Andrew Wiles Building, the home of the Mathematical Institute.
Information on representation within the department, as well as links to course questionnaires and university support.
Image showing the outside of the Andrew Wiles Building, the home of the Mathematical Institute
Information for OMMS students on the subject panels and links for course registration, as well as some pre-requisite material.

Key Contacts

Kathryn Gillow, OMMS Course Director


Dmitry Belyaev, Academic Lead Parts B & C


Neil Laws, Director of Studies (Department of Statistics)

Anwen Amos, Undergraduate Studies Administrator (Part C& OMMS) and

Charlotte Turner-Smith, Head of Academic Administration

Academic Administration Team

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