Course Calendar

Term Dates

The term dates for the 2020-2021 academic year are as follows:

Michaelmas Term - Sunday 11 October - Saturday 5th December 2020

Hilary Term - Sunday 17th January - Saturday 13th March 2021

Trinity Term - Sunday 25th April - Saturday 19th June 2021


Key Dates

The weeks of the terms are labels Weeks 1 to 8 with Week 0 being the week before term.

Michaelmas Term

Week 0, Wednesday Michaelmas Term class registration opens
  Dissertation abstracts published
Week 1, Monday Michaelmas Term class registration closes
  Lectures begin 
Week 3, Friday Deadline for submitting dissertation choices
Week 5 Students notified of dissertation allocation (if applicable)
Week 4/5 Exam Conventions Briefing
Week 7, Tuesday 'Jobs in Mathematics' career event
Week 7, Friday Maths mini-projects available
Week 8, Friday Lectures end
Week 10, Thursday 12noon Maths mini-project submission deadline


Hilary Term

Week 0, Wednesday Hilary Term class registration opens
Week 1, Monday  Hilary Term class registration closes
  Lectures begin
Week 8, 12noon Friday Maths mini-projects available
Week 8, Friday Lectures end
Week 11, 12noon Wednesday Maths mini-project submission deadline


Trinity Term

Week 1, Monday 12:00 Dissertation submission deadline
Week 2, Monday  Consultation (revision) sessions begin
Week 2, Monday or Tuesday Exam Briefing
Week 5, Friday  Consultation (revision) sessions end
Week 6, Monday Examination period begins
Week 8, Friday Examination period ends
Week 8, Monday Leaving Party
Week 8, Friday Course ends