Examinations and Assessments

The written examinations for the Part C and OMMS courses will take place in the second half of Trinity Term. If you have opted to take any mini-project options, you will also have submission deadlines in Michaelmas and/or Hilary Term. OMMS students and Part C students  will be required to submit the dissertation in Week 1 of Trinity Term.

Examination Conventions

The Examination Conventions set out the procedures for the mathematics examinations and cover how written papers will be set, how your work will be assessed and how an overall year outcome or final classification will be arrived at. Both Part C and OMMS will have different Examination Conventions which can be viewed on the notices page.


Notice to Candidates

Before your examinations you will receive at least one notice from the examiners explaining how the examinations will be conducted.  These notices will also be made available online at the Part C and OMMS Notices page.


Examination Timetables

Examination timetables are published on the University's website by the Examination Schools. Exam results are usually conveyed via Student Self Service in late June or early July. Once the results have been released, you will receive notification via email.


Consultation Sessions

Consultation sessions, or revision sessions, are arranged in weeks 2 to 5 of Trinity Term for Part B and C courses. The timetable of sessions is normally made available in week 0 of Trinity Term at the following link.


Examiners Reports

Following an examination, the examiners write a report which provides statistical information and feedback to the department and the University.  Reports on previous examinations are made available to students. 


Past Papers and Specimen Solutions

The official archive of examination papers (OXAM) is maintained by the University. The copies of papers in the past paper archive are generated from the source of past papers held by the Mathematical Institute which may not be identical to the official copies as sat on the day in the Examination Schools. The past paper archive contains papers from previous examinations and can be accessed via the following link. A selection of specimen solutions to past Part C papers are made available for students to use when revising.


Revision Resources

This page contains a collection of resources to help you prepare for your exams.


Examination Prizes

Prizes are awarded for performance in the examinations, details of which are published here.