Summer Research Internships

Each summer there are opportunities for Oxford Mathematics (including joint schools) students to remain in Oxford to work on a research internship under the supervision of a member of the Mathematical Institute.  These projects last for between 4 and 10 weeks and typically require a knowledge of second-year mathematics. The internships are  principally aimed at second and third years (fourth year students are welcome to undertake them too but some projects and funding sources will not be suitable for them). 


Ideas for Summer Research Internships

Towards the end of Michaelmas term, the department will circulate details of some of the summer internships which have been proposed by faculty members. You may have your own idea for a project so you should not feel limited to those which have been proposed.


Finding a Supervisor

You are welcome to approach any of the supervisors who have proposed a summer internship.  In addition, you can approach any member of the department to ask whether they could supervise a summer internship; your college tutor will be able to advise you about this.  In both cases, you should discuss the project with your potential supervisor, to give you and the supervisor an opportunity to think further about what the project might involve, and whether you are the right student to do it.


Finding Funding

Once you have found a supervisor, you will need to find funding for your internship. You should talk to your supervisor and college tutor who may be aware of possible funding sources.

The department has some funding for summer internships, details of which will be sent out over the Christmas Vac.  The department will also circulate emails about other possible sources of funding, e.g. the EPSRC and LMS undergraduate summer research schemes.


Useful Documents

The 2023-24 bursary application form and list of internship opportunities will be made available here after Michaelmas Term 2023.

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