Season 2 Episode 9

OOMC. Season 2 Episode 9. Interview Q with Tom

Dr Tom Crawford, the Oxford tutor behind the YouTube channel Tom Rocks Maths, presents an interview question that he used last year. Can the people watching live solve it?


College teaching for Maths freshers in MT

This survey is to gather information from colleges about their teaching arrangements for incoming Maths students, with the aim of then sharing this information with colleagues so that we all have a better understanding of what other colleges do.  There is no intention to tell colleges what they should do, rather to exchange ideas to help colleges to consider what they could do.

Ideally I would like exactly one response to this survey per college!  The survey will close on [date].

Please do not include Opportunity Oxford activities in your responses, as those are centrally organised and the department coordinates the maths-specific aspects.

The Development of Mathematical Biology - a report from the Society for Mathematical Biology Conference

Oxford mathematical biologists, past and present, featured very prominently at the annual Society for Mathematical Biology (SMB) meeting held from 13-17 June and organised remotely from the University of California, Riverside. It was the largest ever conference in the field, with over 2,500 participants and more than 1,000 talks delivered by speakers from 47 countries.

Season 2 Episode 8

OOMC Season 2 Episode 8. Dotty Maths

The dot product, dots for time derivatives, dots of dotted dotty vectors, dots on dominoes, and dots on dice. Has James finally gone completely dotty? Find out in this episode.



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