Deformations and rigidity of lattices in soluble Lie groups

14 December 2012
Benjamin Klopsch

Let G be a simply connected, solvable Lie group and Γ a lattice in G. The deformation space D(Γ,G) is the orbit space associated to the action of Aut(G) on the space X(Γ,G) of all lattice embeddings of Γ into G. Our main result generalises the classical rigidity theorems of Mal'tsev and Saitô for lattices in nilpotent Lie groups and in solvable Lie groups of real type. We prove that the deformation space of every Zariski-dense lattice Γ in G is finite and Hausdorff, provided that the maximal nilpotent normal subgroup of G is connected.  I will introduce all necessary notions and try to motivate and explain this result.