Icosahedral clusters: the stem cell of the solid state?

7 March 2014
Jean Taylor
<p>Recent experimental work has determined the atomic structure of a quasicrystalline Cd-Yb alloy. It highlights the elegant role of polyhedra with icosahedral symmetry. Other work suggests that while chunks of periodic crystals and disordered glass predominate in the solid state, there are many hints of icosahedral clusters. This talk is based on a recent Mathematical Intelligencer article on quasicrystals with Marjorie Senechal.</p> <p><br>The seminar will be followed by a drinks reception and forms part of a longer <a href="http://www.maths.ox.ac.uk/groups/oxpde/events/women-pdes">PDE and CoV related Workshop</a>.</p> <p><br>To register for the seminar and drinks reception go to&nbsp;<a href="http://doodle.com/acw6bbsp9dt5bcwb">http://doodle.com/acw6bbsp9dt5bcwb</a></p>
  • OxPDE Special Seminar