Local moduli for the Strominger system and holomorphic Courant algebroids

24 November 2014
Mario Garcia Fernandez

I will give an overview of ongoing joint work with R. Rubio and C. Tipler, in which we study the moduli problem for the Strominger system of equations. Building on the work of De la Ossa and Svanes and, independently, of Anderson, Gray and Sharpe, we construct an elliptic complex whose first cohomology group is the space of infinitesimal deformations of a solution of the strominger system. I will also discuss an intriguing link between this moduli problem and a moduli problem for holomorphic Courant algebroids over Calabi-Yau threefolds. Finally, we will see how the problem for the Strominger system embeds naturally in generalized geometry, and discuss some perspectives of this approach.

  • String Theory Seminar