Preconditioned Iterative Solvers for Constrained Optimization

John Pearson

In this talk, we discuss the development of fast iterative solvers for matrix systems arising from various constrained optimization problems. In particular, we seek to exploit the saddle point structure of these problems to construct powerful preconditioners for the resulting systems, using appropriate approximations of the (1,1)-block and Schur complement.

The problems we consider arise from two well-studied subject areas within computational optimization. Specifically, we investigate the
numerical solution of PDE-constrained optimization problems, and the interior point method (IPM) solution of linear/quadratic programming
problems. Indeed a particular focus in this talk is the interior point method solution of PDE-constrained optimization problems with
additional inequality constraints on the state and control variables.

We present a range of optimization problems which we seek to solve using our methodology, and examine the theoretical and practical
convergence properties of our iterative methods for these problems.

  • Computational Mathematics and Applications Seminar