Seminar series
Tue, 03 Feb 2015
11:00 - 13:00
Min-Chun Hong
The University of Queensland

1)      The Hardt-Lin's problem and a new approximation of a relaxed energy for harmonic maps.

We introduce a new approximation for  the relaxed energy $F$ of the Dirichlet energy and prove that the minimizers of the approximating functional converge to a minimizer $u$ of the relaxed energy for harmonic maps, and that $u$ is  partially regular without using the concept of Cartesian currents.

2)  Partial regularity in liquid crystals  for  the Oseen-Frank model:  a new proof of the result of Hardt, Kinderlehrer and Lin.

Hardt, Kinderlehrer and Lin (\cite {HKL1}, \cite {HKL2}) proved that a minimizer $u$ is smooth on some open subset
$\Omega_0\subset\Omega$ and moreover $\mathcal H^{\b} (\Omega\backslash \Omega_0)=0$ for some positive $\b <1$, where
$\mathcal H^{\b}$ is the Hausdorff measure.   We will present a new proof of Hardt, Kinderlehrer and Lin.

 3)      Global existence of solutions of the Ericksen-Leslie system for  the Oseen-Frank model.

The dynamic flow of liquid crystals is described by the Ericksen-Leslie system. The Ericksen-Leslie system is a system of  the Navier-Stokes equations coupled with the gradient flow for the Oseen-Frank model,   which generalizes the heat flow for harmonic maps  into the $2$-sphere.   In this talk, we will outline a proof of global existence of solutions of the Ericksen-Leslie system for a general Oseen-Frank  model in 2D.

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