Cancelled - Mathematical Problems within the Analysis of Transport Data

12 May 2016
Eddie Wilson

My main purpose in this talk is try and convey a sense of my enthusiasm for mathematical modelling generally and how I've come to use it in a range of transport applications. For concreteness, I am going to talk in particular about work I have been doing on EPSRC grant EP/K000438/1 (PI: Jillian Anable, Aberdeen) where we are using the UK government's Department for Transport MOT data to estimate mileage totals and study how they are broken down across the population in various different ways. Embedded inside this practical problem is a whole set of miniature mathematical puzzles and challenges which are quite particular to the problem area itself, and one wider question which is rather deeper and more general: whether it is possible (and how) to convert usage data that is low-resolution in time but high-resolution in individuals to knowledge that is high-resolution in time but only expressed at a population level.

  • Industrial and Applied Mathematics Seminar