Endo-parameters and the Local Langlands Correspondence for classical groups

17 January 2017

The local Langlands correspondence for classical groups gives a natural finite-to-one map between certain representations of p-adic classical groups and certain self-dual representations of the absolute Weil group of a p-adic field (and more). On both sides of the correspondence, the description of the representations involves a ``wild part'' of more arithmetic nature and a ``tame part'' of more geometric nature, and the notion of endo-parameter (due to Bushnell--Henniart for general linear groups) is designed to describe the ``wild part'' of the Langlands correspondence. I will explain what this means and the connection with representations of affine Hecke algebras. This is joint work with Blondel--Henniart, with Lust, and with Kurinczuk--Skodlerack.