Cutting planes for mixed-integer programming: theory and practice

9 March 2017
Dr Oktay Gunluk

During the last decade, the progress in the computational performance of commercial mixed-integer programming solvers have been significant. Part of this success is due to faster computers and better software engineering but a more significant part of it is due to the power of the cutting planes used in these solvers.
In the first part of this talk, we will discuss main components of a MIP solver and describe some classical families of valid inequalities (Gomory mixed integer cuts, mixed integer rounding cuts, split cuts, etc.) that are routinely used in these solvers. In the second part, we will discuss recent progress in cutting plane theory that has not yet made its way to commercial solvers. In particular, we will discuss cuts from lattice-free convex sets and answer a long standing question in the affirmative by deriving a finite cutting plane algorithm for mixed-integer programming.

  • Computational Mathematics and Applications Seminar