Oxford Mathematicians invited to speak at ICM 2018

The International Congress of Mathematicians (ICM) is the largest conference in mathematics. It meets once every four years, hosted by the International Mathematical Union (IMU) and hands out the most important prizes in the subject, notably the Fields Medals and the Nevanlinna and Gauss Prizes. At the Congress leading mathematicians are invited to present their research and in 2018 in Rio Oxford Mathematics will be represented by Mike GilesRichard HaydonPeter KeevashJochen Koenigsmann, James Maynard and Miguel Walsh, a team whose wide-ranging interests demonstrate both the strength of the subject in Oxford, but also the scope of mathematics in the 21st Century.

Miguel and James are also Clay Research Fellows. The Clay Mathematics Institute supports the work of leading researchers at various stages of their careers and organises conferences, workshops, and summer schools. The annual Research Award recognises contemporary breakthroughs in mathematics.

If you want to know more about the ICM, Oxford Mathematician Chris Hollings explains how even mathematics cannot escape politics.