The regular representations of GL_N over finite local principal ideal rings

27 February 2018
Alexander Stasinski

Let $F$ be a non-Archimedean local field with ring of integers $\mathcal O$ and maximal ideal $\mathfrak p$. T. Shintani and G. Hill independently introduced a large class of smooth representations of $GL_N(\mathcal O)$, called regular representations. Roughly speaking they correspond to elements in the Lie algebra $M_N(\mathcal O)$ which are regular mod $\mathfrak p$ (i.e, having centraliser of dimension $N$). The study of regular representations of $GL_N(\mathcal O)$ goes back to Shintani in the 1960s, and independently and later, Hill, who both constructed the regular representations with even conductor, but left the much harder case of odd conductor open. In recent simultaneous and independent work, Krakovski, Onn and Singla gave a construction of the regular representations of $GL_N(\mathcal O)$ when the residue characteristic of $\mathcal O$ is not $2$.

In this talk I will present a complete construction of all the regular representations of $GL_N(\mathcal O)$. The approach is analogous to, and motivated by, the construction of supercuspidal representations of $GL_N(F)$ due to Bushnell and Kutzko. This is joint work with Shaun Stevens.