Homological stability and meta-stability for mapping class groups

14 September 2017
Soren Galatius

Let \Gamma_{g,1} denote the mapping class group of a genus g surface with one parametrized boundary component.  The group homology H_i(\Gamma_{g,1}) is independent of g, as long as g is large compared to i, by a famous theorem of Harer known as homological stability, now known to hold when 2g > 3i.  Outside that range, the relative homology groups H_i(\Gamma_{g,1},\Gamma_{g-1,1}) contain interesting information about the failure of homological stability.  In this talk, I will discuss a metastability result; the relative groups depend only on the number k = 2g-3i, as long as g is large compared to k.  This is joint work with Alexander Kupers and Oscar Randal-Williams.