Waves in one-dimensional quasicrystalline solids: scaling properties of the spectrum and negative refraction

8 March 2018
Massimiliano Gei

The talk originates from two studies on the dynamic properties of one-dimensional elastic quasicrystalline solids. The first one refers to a detailed investigation of scaling and self-similarity of the spectrum of an axial waveguide composed of repeated elementary cells designed by adopting the family of generalised Fibonacci substitution rules corresponding to the so-called precious means. For those, an invariant function of the circular frequency, the Kohmoto's invariant, governs self-similarity and scaling of the stop/pass band layout within defined ranges of frequencies at increasing generation index. The Kohmoto's invariant also explains the existence of particular frequencies, named canonical frequencies, associated with closed orbits on the geometrical three-dimensional representation of the invariant. The second part shows the negative refraction properties of a Fibonacci-generated quasicrystalline laminate and how the tuning of this phenomenon can be controlled by selecting the generation index of the sequence.

  • Industrial and Applied Mathematics Seminar