Serre's uniformity question and the Chabauty-Kim method

8 February 2018

Serre's uniformity question concerns the possible ways the Galois group of Q can act on the p-torsion of an elliptic curve over Q. In this talk I will survey what is known about this question, and describe two recent results related to the Chabauty-Kim method. The first, which is joint work with Jennifer Balakrishnan, Steffen Muller, Jan Tuitman and Jan Vonk, completes the classification of elliptic curves over Q with split Cartan level structure. The second, which is work in progress with Samuel Le Fourn, Samir Siksek and Jan Vonk, concerns the applicability of the Chabauty-Kim method in determining the elliptic curves with non-split Cartan level structure.

  • Number Theory Seminar