The Cauchy problem in General Relativity and Kaluza Klein spacetimes

24 May 2018

In this talk I will start with a brief overview of the Cauchy problem for the Einstein equations of general relativity, and in particular the nonlinear stability of the trivial Minkowski solution in wave gauge as shown by Lindblad and Rodnianski. I will then discuss the Kaluza Klein spacetime of the form $R^{1+3} \times K$ where $K$ is the $n-$torus with the flat metric.  An interesting question to ask is whether this solution to the Einstein equations, viewed as an initial value problem, is stable to small perturbations of the initial data. Motivated by this problem, I will outline how the proof of stability in a restricted class of perturbations in fact follows from the work of Lindblad and Rodnianski, and discuss the physical justification behind this restriction. 

  • PDE CDT Lunchtime Seminar