Decomposition spaces: theory and applications

12 June 2018
Andrew Tonks

Decomposition (aka unital 2-Segal) spaces are simplicial ∞-groupoids with a certain exactness property: they take pushouts of active (end-point preserving) along inert (distance preserving) maps in the simplicial category Δ to pullbacks. They encode the information needed for an 'objective' generalisation of the notion of incidence (co)algebra of a poset, and motivating examples include the decomposition spaces for (derived) Hall algebras, the Connes-Kreimer algebra of trees and Schmitt's algebra of graphs. In this talk I will survey recent activity in this area, including some work in progress on a categorification of (Hopf) bialgebroids.
This is joint work with Imma Gálvez and Joachim Kock.