Generalisations of the (Pin,osp(1|2)) Howe duality

22 January 2019

The classical Dirac operator is part of an osp(1|2) realisation inside the Weyl-Clifford algebra which is Pin-invariant. This leads to a multiplicity-free decomposition of the space of spinor-valued polynomials in irreducible modules for this Howe dual pair. In this talk we review an abstract generalisation A of the Weyl algebra that retains a realisation of osp(1|2) and we determine its centraliser algebra explicitly. For the special case where A is a rational Cherednik algebra, the centralizer algebra provides a refinement of the previous decomposition whose analogue was no longer irreducible in general. As an example, for the  group S3 in specific, we will examine the finite-dimensional irreducible modules of the centraliser algebra.