Hida families of Drinfeld modular forms

24 January 2019
Giovanni Rosso

Seminal work of Hida tells us that if a modular eigenform is ordinary at p then we can always find other eigenforms, of different weights, that are congruent to our given form. Even better, it says that we can find q-expansions with coefficients in p-adic analytic function of the weight variable k that when evaluated at positive integers give the q-expansion of classical eigenforms. His construction of these families uses mainly the geometry of the modular curve and its ordinary locus.
In a joint work with Marc-Hubert Nicole, we obtained similar results for Drinfeld modular forms over function fields. After an extensive introduction to Drinfeld modules, their moduli spaces, and Drinfeld modular forms, we shall explain how to construct Hida families for ordinary Drinfeld modular forms.

  • Number Theory Seminar