Back in October, for the first time, we filmed an actual student lecture, Vicky Neale's lecture on 'Complex Numbers.' We wanted to show what studying at Oxford is really like, how it is not so different to school while at the same time taking things to a more rigorous level. Since we made the film available, over 375,000 people have watched some of it. 

Emboldened, we went one stage further in February and live streamed a lecture (and made it available subsequently), James Sparks on 'Dynamics.' But in addition to the lecture, we also filmed the subsequent tutorial which all students receive, usually in pairs, after lectures, and which is the essential ingredient of the Oxford learning experience. Both have been huge successes.

So we come to the third in our series of filmed student lectures. This is the opening lecture in the 1st Year course on 'Analysis III - Integration.' Prof. Ben Green both links the course to the mathematics our students have already learnt at school and develops that knowledge, taking the students to the next stage. Like all good lectures it recaps and points forward (the course materials accompanying the Integration lectures can be found here).

The lectures and tutorial are all part of our going 'Behind the Scenes' at Oxford Mathematics. We shall we filming our Open Days in July and more lectures in the Autumn. Please send any comments to @email

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