Undergraduate Open Days

2021 Departmental Online Open Days

The 2021 Departmental Open Days will be on 24 April and 01 May. These events will be online-only, with live broadcasts, pre-recorded content, and question-and-answer sessions with our tutors and current students available on this page. No registration is necessary.

An archive of videos and content from the 2020 open days is available below. Please note that there may be considerable overlap in content between the sessions that ran in 2020 and those planned for 2021.

2020 Departmental Online Open Days

Online Open Days

We were live on this page for the departmental open days on Saturday 25 April and Saturday 02 May 2020. You can watch a replay of the live admissions session below, as well as all of the pre-recorded maths talks.

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Oxford Virtual Open Days

We were part of the Oxford Virtual Open Days on 01 July, 02 July, and 18 September 2020. For the July open days, we made two new videos on personal statements and interviews.


Online Open Day Replay

The 2020 online open day started with a virtual tour of Oxford and an admissions talk by the Admissions Coordinator, Dr James Munro, covering the timeline of how to apply, and some tips for preparing a competitive application.

During the admissions talk, James showed part of an interview question from last year, and several people got in touch asking for the full question and solution, so here it is; Interview Question. At the 02 May Open Day, we talked about MAT 2018 Q1B as an example of a MAT question- the worked solution is on the MAT page here.

We took over 500 questions from the audience over three hours of Q&A on 25 April and 02 May. With the help of our student ambassadors, we've made a video summarising some of the most popular topics.

More Maths Talks

Mathematics at Oxford - Dr Richard Earl

A talk by Dr Richard Earl on how the Oxford experience of university maths is different, and an overview of the different courses we offer.

Current course details

Pure Mathematics - Dr Vicky Neale

Dr Vicky Neale takes us on a journey through pure mathematics from primes to complex numbers to elliptic curves. This talk was recorded at an open day in 2019, but the maths in the talk is still true (that's one of the nice things about maths!)

Further reading for this talk:

Further reading for this talk

Applied Mathematics - Prof Dominic Vella

This talk by Prof Dominic Vella covers topics in applied maths including the wave equation, brownie recipes, partial differentiation, crispy potato wedges, and a demonstration of eigenmodes that you can try at home.

Further reading for this talk:

Further reading for this talk

Maths and Philosophy - Dr James Studd

Dr James Studd explains the overlap between Mathematics and Philosophy, gives some examples of questions that mathematical philosophers might be interested in, and gives information on the joint honours course at Oxford. This video is in three parts;

Part 1 - Zeno's Paradox (video below)

Part 2 - Infinity and Infinity Machines

Part 3 - Mathematics and Philosophy at Oxford

For more information about Mathematics and Philosophy, see www.maths.ox.ac.uk/r/math-phil

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