On coarse spaces for solving the heterogenous Helmholtz equation with domain decomposition methods

Niall Bootland

The development of effective solvers for high frequency wave propagation problems, such as those described by the Helmholtz equation, presents significant challenges. One promising class of solvers for such problems are parallel domain decomposition methods, however, an appropriate coarse space is typically required in order to obtain robust behaviour (scalable with respect to the number of domains, weakly dependant on the wave number but also on the heterogeneity of the physical parameters). In this talk we introduce a coarse space based on generalised eigenproblems in the overlap (GenEO) for the Helmholtz equation. Numerical results within FreeFEM demonstrate convergence that is effectively independent of the wave number and contrast in the heterogeneous coefficient as well as good performance for minimal overlap.

  • Computational Mathematics and Applications Seminar