The Weyl subconvex exponent for Dirichlet L-functions.

21 November 2019
Ian Petrow

In the 1920s Weyl proved the first non-trivial estimate for the Riemann zeta function on the critical line: \zeta(1/2+it) << (1+|t|)^{1/6+\epsilon}. The analogous bound for a Dirichlet L-function L(1/2,\chi) of conductor q as q tends to infinity is still unknown in full generality. In a breakthrough around 2000, Conrey and Iwaniec proved the analogue of the Weyl bound for L(1/2,\chi) when \chi is assumed to be quadratic of conductor q.  Building on the work of Conrey and Iwaniec, we show (joint work with Matt Young) that the Weyl bound for L(1/2,\chi) holds for all primitive Dirichlet characters \chi. The extension to all moduli q is based on aLindel√∂f-on-average upper bound for the fourth moment of Dirichlet L-functions of conductor q along a coset of the subgroup of characters modulo d when q^*|d, where q^* is the least positive integer such that q^2|(q^*)^3.

  • Number Theory Seminar