Formation of singularities for the relativistic Euler equations

28 November 2019
Nikolaos Athanasiou

An archetypal phenomenon in the study of hyperbolic systems of conservation laws is the development of singularities (in particular shocks) in finite time, no matter how smooth or small the initial data are. A series of works by Lax, John et al confirmed that for some important systems, when the initial data is a smooth small perturbation of a constant state, singularity formation in finite time is equivalent to the existence of compression in the initial data. Our talk will address the question of whether this dichotomy persists for large data problems, at least for the system of the Relativistic Euler equations in (1+1) dimensions. We shall also give some interesting studies in (3+1) dimensions. This is joint work with Dr. Shengguo Zhu.

  • PDE CDT Lunchtime Seminar