Thu, 30 Jan 2020
16:00 - 17:30
Susana Gomes
University of Warwick

The flow of a thin film down an inclined plane is an important physical phenomenon appearing in many industrial applications, such as coating (where it is desirable to maintain the fluid interface flat) or heat transfer (where a larger interfacial area is beneficial). These applications lead to the need of reliably manipulating the flow in order to obtain a desired interfacial shape. The interface of such thin films can be described by a number of models, each of them exhibiting instabilities for certain parameter regimes. In this talk, I will propose a feedback control methodology based on same-fluid blowing and suction. I use the Kuramoto–Sivashinsky (KS) equation to model interface perturbations and to derive the controls. I will show that one can use a finite number of point-actuated controls based on observations of the interface to stabilise both the flat solution and any chosen nontrivial solution of the KS equation. Furthermore, I will investigate the robustness of the designed controls to uncertain observations and parameter values, and study the effect of the controls across a hierarchy of models for the interface, which include the KS equation, (nonlinear) long-wave models and the full Navier–Stokes equations.

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