Nonlinear Schrödinger PDEs and Some Applications in Atomic and Optical Physics

13 February 2020
Professor Panos Kevrekidis

Nonlinear generalizations of the Schrödinger equation are of wide applicability to a range of areas including atomic and optical systems, 
plasma physics and water waves.  In this  talk we revisit some principal excitations in atomic and optical systems (such as Bose-Einstein condensates and photo-refractive crystals), namely dark solitonic fronts in single-component systems, and dark-bright waves in multi-component systems. Upon introducing them and explaining their existence and stability properties in one spatial dimension, we will extend them both in the form of stripes and in that rings in two-dimensions, presenting an alternative (adiabatic-invariant based) formulation of their stability and excitations. We will explore their filamentary dynamics, as well as the states that emerge from their transverse (snaking) instability. Then, we will consider these structures even in three dimensions, in the form of planar, as well as spherical shell wave patterns and generalize our adiabatic invariant formulation there. Finally, time permitting, we will give some glimpses of how some of these dynamical features in 1d and 2d generalize in a multi-orbital, time-dependent quantum setting.

  • Industrial and Applied Mathematics Seminar