Randomised algorithms for solving systems of linear equations

27 February 2020
Gunnar Martinsson

The task of solving large scale linear algebraic problems such as factorising matrices or solving linear systems is of central importance in many areas of scientific computing, as well as in data analysis and computational statistics. The talk will describe how randomisation can be used to design algorithms that in many environments have both better asymptotic complexities and better practical speed than standard deterministic methods.

The talk will in particular focus on randomised algorithms for solving large systems of linear equations. Both direct solution techniques based on fast factorisations of the coefficient matrix, and techniques based on randomised preconditioners, will be covered.

Note: There is a related talk in the Random Matrix Seminar on Tuesday Feb 25, at 15:30 in L4. That talk describes randomised methods for computing low rank approximations to matrices. The two talks are independent, but the Tuesday one introduces some of the analytical framework that supports the methods described here.

  • Computational Mathematics and Applications Seminar