Vectorial problems: sharp Lipschitz bounds and borderline regularity

7 May 2020
Cristiana De FIlippis

Non-uniformly elliptic functionals are variational integrals like
(1) \qquad \qquad W^{1,1}_{loc}(\Omega,\mathbb{R}^{N})\ni w\mapsto \int_{\Omega} \left[F(x,Dw)-f\cdot w\right] \, \textrm{d}x,
characterized by quite a wild behavior of the ellipticity ratio associated to their integrand $F(x,z)$, in the sense that the quantity
\sup_{\substack{x\in B \\ B\Subset \Omega \ \small{\mbox{open ball}}}}\mathcal R(z, B):=\sup_{\substack{x\in B \\ B\Subset \Omega \ \small{\mbox{open ball}}}} \frac{\mbox{highest eigenvalue of}\ \partial_{z}^{2} F(x,z)}{\mbox{lowest eigenvalue of}\  \partial_{z}^{2} F(x,z)} $$
may blow up as $|z|\to \infty$. 
We analyze the interaction between the space-depending coefficient of the integrand and the forcing term $f$ and derive optimal Lipschitz criteria for minimizers of (1). We catch the main model cases appearing in the literature, such as functionals with unbalanced power growth or with fast exponential growth such as
w \mapsto \int_{\Omega} \gamma_1(x)\left[\exp(\exp(\dots \exp(\gamma_2(x)|Dw|^{p(x)})\ldots))-f\cdot w \right]\, \textrm{d}x
w\mapsto \int_{\Omega}\left[|Dw|^{p(x)}+a(x)|Dw|^{q(x)}-f\cdot w\right] \, \textrm{d}x.
Finally, we find new borderline regularity results also in the uniformly elliptic case, i.e. when
$$\mathcal{R}(z,B)\sim \mbox{const}\quad \mbox{for all balls} \ \ B\Subset \Omega.$$

The talk is based on:
C. De Filippis, G. Mingione, Lipschitz bounds and non-autonomous functionals. $\textit{Preprint}$ (2020).

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