An optical theorem for CFT and high-energy string scattering in AdS at one loop

23 November 2020
Tobias Hansen

In this talk I will present an optical theorem for perturbative CFTs, which directly computes the double discontinuity of CFT correlators in terms of the discontinuities of correlators at lower loops or lower points, in analogy to the optical theoreom for scattering amplitudes. I will then discuss the application of this theorem to high-energy scattering of type IIb strings in AdS at one loop and finite 't Hooft coupling. Tidal excitations are taken into account and shown to be efficiently described by an AdS vertex function. The result is related to the 1987 flat space result of Amati, Ciafaloni and Veneziano via the flat space limit in impact parameter space.

  • String Theory Seminar