The Dirac inequality, Weyl groups, and isolated unitary representations

13 October 2020
Dan Ciubotaru

In the classical setting of real semisimple Lie groups, the Dirac inequality (due to Parthasarathy) gives a necessary condition that the infinitesimal character of an irreducible unitary representation needs to satisfy in terms of the restriction of the representation to the maximal compact subgroup. A similar tool was introduced in the setting of representations of p-adic groups in joint work with Barbasch and Trapa, where the necessary unitarity condition is phrased in terms of the semisimple parameter in the Kazhdan-Lusztig parameterization and the hyperspecial parahoric restriction. I will present several consequences of this inequality to the problem of understanding the unitary dual of the p-adic group, in particular, how it can be used in order to exhibit several isolated "extremal" unitary representations and to compute precise "spectral gaps" for them.

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