Seminar series
Fri, 23 Oct 2020
Martin Gallauer and Zhaohe Dai

Martin Gallauer (North): "Algebraic algebraic geometry"
If a space is described by algebraic equations, its algebraic invariants are endowed with additional structure. I will illustrate this with some simple examples, and speculate on the meaning of the title of my talk.

Zhaohe Dai (South): "Two-dimensional material bubbles"
Two-dimensional (2D) materials are a relatively new class of thin sheets consisting of a single layer of covalently bonded atoms and have shown a host of unique electronic properties. In 2D material electronic devices, however, bubbles often form spontaneously due to the trapping of air or ambient contaminants (such as water molecules and hydrocarbons) at sheet-substrate interfaces. Though they have been considered to be a nuisance, I will discuss that bubbles can be used to characterize 2D materials' bending rigidity after the pressure inside being well controlled. I will then focus on bubbles of relatively large deformations so that the elastic tension could drive the radial slippage of the sheet on its substrate. Finally, I will discuss that the consideration of such slippage is vital to characterize the sheet's stretching stiffness and gives new opportunities to understand the adhesive and frictional interactions between the sheet and various substrates that it contacts.

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