Coadmissible modules, bornologies, and derived categories II

9 March 2021
Andreas Bode

Coadmissible modules over Frechet-Stein algebras arise naturally in p-adic representation theory, e.g. in the study of locally analytic representations of p-adic Lie groups or the function spaces of rigid analytic Stein spaces. We show that in many cases, the category of coadmissible modules admits an exact and fully faithful embedding into the category of complete bornological modules, also preserving tensor products. This allows us to introduce derived methods to the study of coadmissible modules without forsaking the analytic flavour of the theory. As an application, we introduce six functors for Ardakov-Wadsley's D-cap-modules and discuss some instances where coadmissibility (in a derived sense) is preserved.

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