North Meets South colloquium

6 November 2020
Agnese Barbensi and Wolfger Peelaers
Agnese Barbensi
Title: Knotted biopolymers
Abstract: Many biopolymers -most notably DNA- are knotted, or present some entanglement phenomena. The geometry and topology of these biopolymers has profound effects on their functioning. Using tools coming from topology and knot theory can help understanding the relations between the spatial arrangement and the behaviour of these molecules. In this talk we will give a brief overview of some useful techniques and recent work in this area. 
Wolfger Peelaers
Title: Vertex operator algebraic structures in quantum field theory
Abstract: Quantum field theory was originally developed to address questions involving interacting elementary particles, but ever since it has also provided, time and again, a bridge between ideas, concepts, and structures in mathematics and observables in physics. In this talk I will describe a remarkable connection of that type between vertex operator algebras and a class of highly symmetrical quantum field theories.

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