Rheology of dense granular suspensions

28 January 2021
Elisabeth Guazzelli

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Suspensions are composed of mixtures of particles and fluid and are
ubiquitous in industrial processes (e.g. waste disposal, concrete,
drilling muds, metalworking chip transport, and food processing) and in
natural phenomena (e.g. flows of slurries, debris, and lava). The
present talk focusses on the rheology of concentrated suspensions of
non-colloidal particles. It addresses the classical shear viscosity of
suspensions but also non-Newtonian behaviour such as normal-stress
differences and shear-induced migration. The rheology of dense
suspensions can be tackled via a diversity of approaches that are
introduced. In particular, the rheometry of suspensions can be
undertaken at an imposed volume fraction but also at imposed values of
particle normal stress, which is particularly well suited to yield
examination of the rheology close to the jamming transition. The
influences of particle roughness and shape are discussed.

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