Universality for random band matrices

19 January 2021
Tatyana Shcherbina

Further Information: 

This seminar will be held via zoom. Meeting link will be sent to members of our mailing list (https://lists.maths.ox.ac.uk/mailman/listinfo/random-matrix-theory-announce) in our weekly announcement on Monday.


Random band matrices (RBM) are natural intermediate models to study eigenvalue statistics and quantum propagation in disordered systems, since they interpolate between mean-field type Wigner matrices and random Schrodinger operators. In particular, RBM can be used to model the Anderson metal-insulator phase transition (crossover) even in 1d. In this talk we will discuss some recent progress in application of the supersymmetric method (SUSY) and transfer matrix approach to the analysis of local spectral characteristics of some specific types of 1d RBM.

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