North Meets South

5 February 2021
Katherine Staden and Pierre Haas

Speaker: Katherine Staden
Introduced by: Frances Kirwan
Title: Inducibility in graphs
Abstract: What is the maximum number of induced copies of a fixed graph H inside any graph on n vertices? Here, induced means that both edges and non-edges have to be correct. This basic question turns out to be surprisingly difficult, and it is not even known for all 4-vertex graphs H. I will survey the area and discuss some key results, ideas and techniques -- combinatorial, analytical and computer-assisted.

Speaker: Pierre Haas
Introduced by: Alain Goriely
Title: Shape-Shifting Droplets
Abstract: Experiments show that small oil droplets in aqueous surfactant solution flatten, upon slow cooling, into a host of polygonal shapes with straight edges and sharp corners. I will begin by showing how plane (and rather plain) geometry explains the sequence of these polygonal shapes. I will go on to show that geometric considerations of that ilk cannot however explain the three-dimensional polyhedral shapes that the initially spherical droplets evolve through while flattening. I will conclude by showing that the experimental data agree with the predictions of a model based on a partial phase transition of the oil near the droplet edges.

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