Maths Makes A Difference - a webinar for Year 12 students about how maths contributes to society - 2 February, 4-5pm

The future is full of uncertainty, but we still need to make plans and decisions based on the data we have.  Where should a hospital invest its resources to allow for changing health needs in a year's time?  Should the supermarket order extra ice cream because the summer will be warm and sunny?  Should the council road maintenance team get extra gritting salt ready for an icy winter? Making predictions is hard - and maths can help, as we’ll see in this interactive webinar.

Maths Makes a Difference is a collaboration between the Mathematics outreach teams at Oxford and Cambridge. This interactive webinar series for students in Year 12 at state schools in the UK (and Year 10 later in the year) will explore aspects of maths that make a difference to the world and society. More information and registration.

The webinars will be led by Claire Metcalfe from Cambridge and Vicky Neale from Oxford.