Thu, 03 Jun 2021
Ken'ichiro Tanaka
University of Tokyo

In this talk, we present some effective methods for distributing points for approximating analytic functions with prescribed decay on a strip region including the real axis. Such functions appear when we use numerical methods with variable transformations. Typical examples of such methods are provided by single-exponential (SE) or double-exponential (DE) sinc formulas, in which variable transformations yield single- or double-exponential decay of functions on the real axis. It has been known that the formulas are nearly optimal on a Hardy space with a single- or double-exponential weight on the strip region, which is regarded as a space of transformed functions by the variable transformations.

Recently, we have proposed new approximation formulas that outperform the sinc formulas. For constructing them, we use an expression of the error norm (a.k.a. worst-case error) of an n-point interpolation operator in the weighted Hardy space. The expression is closely related to potential theory, and optimal points for interpolation correspond to an equilibrium measure of an energy functional with an external field. Since a discrete version of the energy becomes convex in the points under a mild condition about the weight, we can obtain good points with a standard optimization technique. Furthermore, with the aid of the formulation with the energy, we can find approximate distributions of the points theoretically.

- K. Tanaka, T. Okayama, M. Sugihara: Potential theoretic approach to design of accurate formulas for function approximation in symmetric weighted Hardy spaces, IMA Journal of Numerical Analysis Vol. 37 (2017), pp. 861-904.

- K. Tanaka, M. Sugihara: Design of accurate formulas for approximating functions in weighted Hardy spaces by discrete energy minimization, IMA Journal of Numerical Analysis Vol. 39 (2019), pp. 1957-1984.

- S. Hayakawa, K. Tanaka: Convergence analysis of approximation formulas for analytic functions via duality for potential energy minimization, arXiv:1906.03133.

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