The bubble transform and the de Rham complex

20 May 2021
Ragnar Winther

The bubble transform was a concept introduced by Richard Falk and me in a paper published in The Foundations of Computational Mathematics in 2016. From a simplicial mesh of a bounded domain in $R^n$ we constructed a map which decomposes scalar valued functions into a sum of local bubbles supported on appropriate macroelements.The construction is done without reference to any finite element space, but has the property that the standard continuous piecewise polynomial spaces are invariant. Furthermore, the transform is bounded in $L^2$ and $H^1$, and as a consequence we obtained a new tool for the understanding of finite element spaces of arbitrary polynomial order. The purpose of this talk is to review the previous results, and to discuss how to generalize the construction to differential forms such that the corresponding properties hold. In particular, the generalized transform will be defined such that it commutes with the exterior derivative.


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  • Computational Mathematics and Applications Seminar