Exponential mixing of the geodesic flow on geometrically finite hyperbolic manifolds

10 May 2021
Samuel Edwards

The geodesic flow on hyperbolic finite-volume hyperbolic manifolds is a particularly well-studied dynamical system; this is in part due to its connection to other important dynamical systems on the manifold, as well as orbital counting and other number-theoretic problems related to discrete subgroups of orthogonal groups. In recent years, there has been some interest in generalizing many of the properties of the geodesic flow on finite-volume manifolds to the infinite-volume setting. I will discuss joint work with Hee Oh in which we establish exponential mixing of the geodesic flow on infinite-volume geometrically finite hyperbolic manifolds with large enough critical exponent. Patterson-Sullivan densities and Burger-Roblin measures, the Lax-Phillips spectral gap for the Laplace operator on infinite volume geometrically finite hyperbolic manifolds, and complementary series representations are all involved in both the statement and proof of our result, and I will try to explain how these different objects are related in this setting.

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