Simple motion of stretch-limited elastic strings

10 June 2021
Casey Rodriguez

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Elastic strings are among the simplest one-dimensional continuum bodies and have a rich mechanical and mathematical theory dating back to the derivation of their equations of motion by Euler and Lagrange. In classical treatments, the string is either completely extensible (tensile force produces elongation) or completely inextensible (every segment has a fixed length, regardless of the motion). However, common experience is that a string can be stretched (is extensible), and after a certain amount of tensile force is applied the stretch of the string is maximized (becomes inextensible). In this talk, we discuss a model for these stretch-limited elastic strings, in what way they model elastic behavior, the well-posedness and asymptotic stability of certain simple motions, and (many) open questions.

  • PDE CDT Lunchtime Seminar