Singularities and the Einstein equations: Inextendibility results for Lorentzian manifolds

31 May 2021
Jan Sbierski

 Given a solution of the Einstein equations, a fundamental question is whether one can extend the solution or whether the solution is maximal. If the solution is inextendible in a certain regularity class due to the geometry becoming singular, a further question is whether the strength of the singularity is such that it terminates classical time-evolution. The latter question, as will be explained in the talk, is intimately tied to the strong cosmic censorship conjecture in general relativity which states in the language of partial differential equations that global uniqueness holds generically for the initial value problem for the Einstein equations. I will then focus in the talk on recent results showing the locally Lipschitz inextendibility of FLRW models with particle horizons and spherically symmetric weak null singularities. The latter in particular apply to the spherically symmetric spacetimes constructed by Luk and Oh, improving their C^2-formulation of strong cosmic censorship to a locally Lipschitz formulation.

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  • Partial Differential Equations Seminar