Active Matter and Transport in Living Cells

28 October 2021
Camille Duprat

Further Information: 

Camille is mostly interested in problems involving the coupling of capillary-driven and low Reynolds number flows and elastic structures, especially from an experimental point of view.

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The organized movement of intracellular material is part of the functioning of cells and the development of organisms. These flows can arise from the action of molecular machines on the flexible, and often transitory, scaffoldings of the cell. Understanding phenomena in this realm has necessitated the development of new simulation tools, and of new coarse-grained mathematical models to analyze and simulate. In that context, I'll discuss how a symmetry-breaking "swirling" instability of a motor-laden cytoskeleton may be an important part of the development of an oocyte, modeling active material in the spindle, and what models of active, immersed polymers tell us about chromatin dynamics in the nucleus.

  • Industrial and Applied Mathematics Seminar